View (and tastes) from the clouds

View (and tastes) from the clouds

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Some of the best hotels are the quaint, short-stacked boutique hotels that may be small on size but full of character and whimsy. Customers have increasingly been abandoning the luxury brands of old in favor of the intimacy of such boutique properties ? and in order to compete, the big-name brands are being forced to reinvent themselves by developing new, world-class flagship locations.

Case in point: The Ritz-Carlton. In recent years, some of their older properties have become dowdy and unimpressive. While The Ritz-Carlton could’ve answered the demands of the consumer by developing a boutique flag to represent a new genre of hotels, they’ve instead decided to remind their guests what made The Ritz so popular in the first place: over-the-top, full-service luxury. 

Introducing The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong ? the tallest hotel in the world (not to mention home of the world’s highest swimming pool and spa and bar). 

Perched on the 103rd floor of the International Commerce Center on Kowloon Island, this skyscraping property has unparalleled views of Hong Kong, and I had the pleasure of staying there just three days after it opened.
While I was impressed by its scale, I was of course curious about the edible amenities. When it comes to dining, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong caters to your every craving with a breathtaking backdrop. Before you even take the lightning-fast elevator to the lobby, enjoy a French macaron or a La Maison du Chocolat bon bon at the hotel’s Pastry Gems boutique. 

On the 102nd floor you’ll find the hotel’s lobby bar, where the famed Sunday brunch is served complete with char siu bao, dim sum and congee. 

While you can dine on refined Cantonese cuisine at Tin Lung Heen or Southern Italian at Tosca, the Asian-fusion tapas at the rooftop bar, OZONE, located on the 119th floor, are literally served in the clouds. 

After dinner, head to the hotel’s Chocolate Library ? for chocolate cigars, chocolate cigars and, of course, chocolate cocktails.