Video: The new way to connect

I have been watching a lot of very interesting hotel videos over the past few weeks in preparation for a story that will run in the September issue of HOTELS Magazine. They are fun, dramatic, sensual and very different from traditional marketing videos.

No longer do you see the panorama shots of the guestrooms, lobby, etc. What you do see are vignettes about a guest’s stay, Web 2.0 videos about a chef coming into work, amazingly colorful and dramatic productions that help build the brand’s image and attempt to make emotional connections.

In today’s image-rich world, traditional does not penetrate. Hoteliers have to create something different — and many are doing just that.

You can find these generation-next videos on YouTube channels, Facebook pages and the company websites. Some are done on a shoestring budget; others are expensive, with famous directors and actors. The ROI is hard to quantify, but those who are setting the pace only plan to do more.

Here are several links to the videos that have caught my attention. I want to share them with you so you know what is new and exciting. Video will increasingly become an important way to market your hotels. If you are not already thinking about how to get into this game, now is the time. Enjoy these. I did.