Two weeks left in 2013

Please double-check your calendars to make sure my math is correct. According to my calculations, the salespeople of the world only have about two weeks left to close business and collect contracts. Otherwise, customers will be out on vacation and holidays in the United States until 2014.

Deliver cookies, pick up the phone, schedule a lunch and see your clients. Encourage them to commit now, as we all know demand will continue to increase and supply will maintain constant. Let them know your year-end bonus depends on it, and subtly remind them of the great job you did helping them throughout the year.

Use those amazing relationships to convince them. Spending money with your company is actually a very good thing that will yield solid returns on their investment. Turn on your negotiation skills and end the year strong now to allow yourself a celebratory, stress-free December 31st!

MPD: Obtain commitments sooner than later.