Trick or re-treat

Last night I had dinner with my wife, and the server could not have been more grumpy. She greeted us with such a scowl, her face would have been more appropriate on a pumpkin. The restaurant was festive with Halloween decorations, TVs played that evening’s games and the customers looked to enjoy a fall night out.

This particular restaurant automatically included gratuity into the bill, regardless of the size of the party. Part of me wanted to ask her what was wrong and inquire if we had done anything that displeased her, so she could understand the negativity she was portraying. Another part of me wanted to play a “trick” on her to see if she would break the stony look and actually smile. 

I chose to say nothing but wished I had the chance to lessen the percentage of her tip. 

In the service industry, or in any job, people are not going to be happy all of the time. If this server disliked her job to this extent every day, perhaps it was time to “re-treat” this Halloween season and do something else.

MPD: Spend time doing what you enjoy!