Trendspotting at IHMRS and BDNY

During what equates to three days or 20 educating hours, hoteliers from around the world met last week in New York City searching for new discoveries at the IHMRS and BDNY shows.

I personally felt the ambience was a bit safe or status quo compared to previous years, though a few categories were well represented. Here is a quick list of a few things that caught my attention at the event:

  • Pillow refurbishing and innovative laundry cleaning with beads were crowd pleasers for those seeking new housekeeping solutions.
  • Over-the-top dramatic lighting may soon give high-end art a run for the “value.”
  • Many products, furniture and design elements were finished in bold or brighter-than-ever colors.
  • Brands, brands and more brands — especially for bathroom amenities — were being pitched “to those who qualify.”

Here are a handful of other highlights:


Statement lighting stopped many in their tracks. Whether futuristic, bold, abstract, vintage-influenced, magically floating or oddly shaped, artistic illumination is currently one of the industries biggest design trends. 

The beat goes on for bright and bold colors, which seem to have ventured beyond the mainstream. Classic pieces of furniture are being transformed with trendy eye-popping colors along with transcending color to a variety of wall treatments. 


Many exhibitors showcased a widespread new offering of luxury brands, suggesting once again the power of the brand for amenities. Impressed attendees couldn’t resist inquiring about their availability (or samples!), and although tempting for most, a majority of these consumer delights are not only grossly expensive, they require stringent approval to guard and protect the brand equity. (Just saying!)

Now it’s your turn to share what resonated with you at the show! As always, thanks in advance for sharing.