With leaves or without, bringing outdoor plants indoors is back on trend After many years of plantless-interiors, this flashback trend of using trees — think olive, fig and orange trees — brings a touch of green to your property, home or business as well as nurturing the newfound desire to be closer to nature.

People are craving a direct connection with the outdoors more than ever. Hence, live interior trees are popping up everywhere, and where you’d least expect to find one.

As our lives become more organic by the minute, our desires and cravings also shift. It was just a matter of time before the popular dual-decade trend of the 1970s and 1980s returned, and thankfully, this time around it’s the real deal minus anything silk or plastic.

The key difference with this new wave of interior plantscaping is it doesn’t necessarily involve a modestly sized tree-in-a-pot topped with moss or rocks. Architects and designers are incorporating massive trees (often just the trunk will do) into the architecture itself. In fact, in some cases, the tree is actually structural.

I hope these examples might trigger some forward-thinking design ideas for your own property.