Transformational trends

Transformational trends

“Transformed objects” are products designed to make tasks or life easier. The electric toothbrush is a prime example. A simple product used by the masses — the toothbrush — was transformed, and standard handled toothbrushes lost shelf space to the new electronic versions.

Let’s take a look at a few objects on the edge of permanent transformation that have a good shot at becoming a new standard.

The scissor

The scissor design has been neglected for years, so why not make one of the two blades razor thin so it becomes a dual-purpose tool? Not every household is equipped with a box cutter, although it’s a highly useful tool. However, most of us have accumulated unlimited pairs of scissors cluttering valuable space in drawers or toolboxes. Clerks Well House in London has pushing the scissor to center stage with a dual-purpose transformation that can cut and/or slice. Brilliant! 

The shower curtain  

Even with the curved shower curtain rod becoming a staple, especially in hospitality, in general, the shower curtain is still the humble shower curtain. A simple yet intelligent concept comes with a solution for cluttered shower floors and lack of storage space in bathrooms.  The Utility Shower Curtain with self-draining interior pockets for washcloths, razors and shampoo and conditioner bottles is such an easy and natural tweak it leaves you with the “why didn’t I think of that” feeling. Transformation at its best!

The toilet

Loos are fascinating. To the point, a concept toilet was designed for Apple — The iPottie — incorporating an iPod to work the flush. But I’m not trending on innovation alone. My keen instincts tell me that despite the new wave of toilet mechanics (systems that measure hormone balances, sugar levels and blood pressure; play music; self-cleanse; and use step detectors that open the lid automatically), two simpler features are on the trend horizon: a mainstream adoption of dark colors (versus white) and matted surfaces such as those seen on the Inax Regio Smart Toilet. 

The camera

Another transformation hitting trend-worthy levels are camera finishes and fashion designer pairings. Nikon and designer Zac Posen partnered for a successful campaign attracting fashionistas, and rumor has it other notable designers are headed in the same direction. Photography being a natural transition for fashion designers leaves me wondering why the temptation of camera licensing didn’t happen sooner.   

The other trend-worthy note in the camera category is a transition from other colorful products such as cell phones, laptops, kitchen appliances and interior design in general.  In lieu of traditional black and silver cameras, red, turquoise and other brightly hued and patterned finishes are starting to appear. This leads me to believe the trend toward bold splashes of color is nowhere near it’s conclusion.