Tourism to-do list

Helping to build and sustain travel to your destination can improve the financial health of your property, by combining resources and energy on marketing tactics that would otherwise be too costly for a single property to pursue on its own. Here are some “to-dos” that I’ve found work in this regard:

  • If you’re not already a member, join local, state and national lodging associations. This is where you can find amenable competitors who could become potential partners for cooperative marketing efforts.
  • Have your property become a member of the local convention and visitors bureau and/or the regional tourism council in your area.
  • Get the business and marketing plans of city, regional and state/province destination marketing organizations (for example, tourism promotion offices and CVBs) in your area to learn the specific steps that are being taken to promote your destination. Evaluate how you can support these activities, especially for site visits and familiarization trips.
  • Ask your local CVB to supply you with its calendar of upcoming tourism-related events, promotions and convention groups that are coming to your destination. These should highlight direct sales opportunities for your hotel.
  • Be willing to host events that are designed to showcase the destination, not just your specific property.
  • Take the initiative to develop ties with local, regional and state officials that influence tourism promotion legislation and spending. Be sure they know you’re there to help!

What other “to-dos” have you used? Please add to the list!