Top three reasons to connect on Linkedin

Top three reasons to connect on Linkedin

I just returned from an alumni event at Penn State and was encouraging all of the students I met to sign up and participate on One student expressed his concerns that he would not have enough time to complete a profile, as he focused solely on his Internet presence by using Facebook. I then shared a personal example of why it might make sense for him, as a senior, to be connected to alumni and other contacts. Earlier in the week, I received a message from a recruiter that was looking for recent college graduates that wanted to get into entry-level hospitality sales programs. The position offered a base salary of US$60,000 and could be located anywhere in the country.

Reason #1: You are looking for a job.

I sent the message to a student that I connected with, and while he had already accepted a position, he forwarded it (via to his friend.

Reason #2: You know someone who is looking for a job.

The second student recently applied and also shared the information on the organization with his fraternity brother who graduated four years ago as an electrical engineer and who isn’t enjoying his current field as much as he would like to.

Reason #3: Staying connected in our industry is critical not only for business opportunities but also for building and maintaining relationships with business friends and colleagues. 

Isn’t this the reason we entered into this industry in the first place?

I personally invite you to connect with me on and I will graciously accept, as my motivation falls into “Reason #3,” and perhaps one of my 1,532 contacts can assist you in the future!