Top 10 wellness warrior essentials

With wellness gaining such impressive ground, it’s obvious we are encountering a lifestyle movement versus a trend.

What began as a breakfast bowl lunch or dinner, followed by smoothies replacing meals and vegans going glam, wellness has traveled far beyond the gym, spa or fitness experience offered at hotels.

The bottom line is self-care, no longer an essential but rather an indulgence. F&B has seen the most radical changes: organic coffees, grass-fed beef burgers, locally sourced foods and beverages, property-grown fruit and vegetables – all of which are significant players within the “eat healthy, live healthier” mantra.

Beyond revised menus, new amenities and guestroom appointments are sprouting up.

Following are my top 10:

Expand your fruit line-up while keeping low-sugar options in mind

Establish a smoothie bar with healthy ingredients ranging from leafy greens, cucumbers, avocados, berries, bananas, almond milk, carob and vanilla powders.

Farewell to rolled ice creams, as charcoal ice creams deliveries from local shops could become the next excellent feel-good delivery opportunity. (The idea of charcoal as a detoxifier isn’t going away any time soon – in fact, rumor has it that activated charcoal pizza is the newest goth food trend.

With pet programs expanding by the minute, along with a spike in tea drinkers, an afternoon tea in the Hotel DeLuxe in Portland, Oregon, encourages pets to attend tea as blends using premium natural herbal ingredients are created for four-legged guests.

Convert traditional daily happy hours into once- or twice-weekly local tasting opportunities.  Invite local coffee roasters, food vendors, breweries, wineries and distilleries to provide tastings.

In-room yoga packages focused on clearing jet lag and stress anxieties

Luma Hotel Times Square, New York City, offers a “glow concierge,” where guests have access to on-demand beauty services from Glamsquad and a specialty menu guests with the best wellness options in the city. Guests can book services at their convenience and experience options that might not be available in their cities.

Vitamin C-infused guestroom showers to neutralize chlorine levels
Vitamin C-infused guestroom showers to neutralize chlorine levels

Offering spirituality and inspiration books at your front desk. (Hotel Deluxe offers a variety of faith-based books for guests to borrow).

Install a sensory deprivation tank for wellness treatments. Imagine 1,000-plus pounds of Epsom salt, free of sound, free of gravity and free of light (yes, you are in total darkness). Just you and your thoughts, floating in the water for an hour.  The tanks promise total-body rehabilitation.

With countless tranquility-related experiences available to help guests unplug, it leaves me to wonder when hotels will officially be termed as “a place to make us healthier.” More than likely, the term’s adoption will occur shortly after “guestroom” is replaced with “sanctuary.”