Too much information

Have you ever had the opportunity to support young, growing businesses? Last week I was picked up by a gentleman that was just starting his sedan service business. Until he gained traction, he partnered with a local taxi company to build revenue. I found it a bit strange when he gave me his personal business card and asked if I needed to be picked up on my return trip back home. Was he trying to take business away from the cab company that he partnered with?

I liked his vehicle as it was roomy and clean, so I decided to give him a try. I called the number to receive a “hello,” almost as if I woke someone. I had to ask, “Is this xyz transportation company?” He said, “Yes.”


I finally asked if he might be able to help me with a pick up. When I arrived at Dulles a week later, the rain was furious. I called to let him know that I arrived and would be out momentarily. He told me to find him in the parking lot. Upon entering his sedan, he asked me which way I wanted to take to go home. During his excitement to talk, he missed the turn and ended up taking a different route that added 30 minutes to my trip.

No real apologies … I disturbed him because I was speaking. He had been up and working for 16 hours, so he wasn’t very alert. He wouldn’t charge me for the extra time spent on the wrong road.

I checked my billing statement, and he charged me twice. When I called to inquire, he answered, “Hello.” Did I awake someone again? He said he would call me as soon as he offered the credit to my account.

What would you have done differently to provide more efficient service? Would you use him again?