Today I only walked one dog

For those regular readers, you may have seen postings over the past four years about my family and real-life experiences. Many of my stories and life lessons encompassed messages about our dogs. Our prince of a pet, Bruno, passed away recently of internal complications. From the time my wife called me to the time the kids kissed him goodbye, only a few hours passed.

He was a wonderful companion and a perfect pet. Here are a few of his greatest qualities:

  • Bruno never complained.
  • He was up for anything and everything.
  • He did not ask for much, yet returned plenty.
  • He was happy, he communicated what he needed and he showed appreciation and thanks when we delivered. 
  • He was patient and didn’t cry.

As a family, we did cry. 

I hope others are able to experience companionship like we did with Bruno for the past 12 years. While he was our pet and part of our family, he was also a great employee in a sense. He worked for us by greeting us warmly, by giving us attention when we needed it and by always being ready to catch a ball and take the cares of the day away. May you all find pets and employees as perfect.