Toasted and on-trend

Last year, the words “toast” and “trend” were never used in the same sentence, but there’s good reason why every other picture on Instagram is filled with the latest breakfast obsession.  Out in California, toast is not only a hot topic but has become a work of art.

Avocado toast leads the way for this rapidly growing trend, which has transcended far beyond a piece of bread topped with guacamole. Thanks to the nutrient overload of the avocado, add an egg for protein and crushed red pepper for a quick metabolism boost, and you can’t go wrong. 

The toppings on toast are endless, from a plain Greek yogurt spread topped with blueberries and strawberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon to sautéed spinach and mushrooms topped with a fried egg, or a kid-friendly warmed-Nutella spread with chocolate chips and bananas. 

The uber-easy-to-make US$4-to-$10 per slice ($12 in Los Angeles) social media phenomenon is worth the hype dominating your feed and definitely worth every dollar patrons are paying for the new toast. In fact, the trend is even seeing “unicorn” versions with toppings such as pears, figs and carrots.

My favorite is almost the Holy Grail of avocado toast, which involves slathering a sweet pepper pesto and spicy harissa layered with half an avocado (sliced), drizzled with grapefruit syrup and sprinkled with housemade ricotta, then topped with arugula, herbs and a poached egg on one-inch-thick, perfectly toasted artisan bread.

Similar to tacos, which are still very much on trend, chefs can exercise their creativity with your property’s “signature” toast, which guests can use the trend as a template to try new flavors to post and tag to their heart’s content.