To tattoo or not to tattoo?

A few months ago, I asked all of the dedicated HOTELS Magazine blog readers about advice for young managers on professional dress. You had much to say and a great discussion unfolded. 

Recently, my hospitality management faculty at Penn State have been discussing with hospitality recruiters and employers the changing perceptions of employees with tattoos.  Some brands have soften their restrictions on covering “body art”. Other brands are embracing it as part of their ethos and appeal to a generation accepting of expression and diversity. If you are like me and you probably thinking of Ace Hotels – truly friendly places that are continually new. But wait, think again.  Check out this photo from the hallway of the Moxy in Milan which I also wrote about in a column last year – and you had again a lot to say.  

Where do hoteliers stand with regard to tattoos showing on employees today?