To entertain will never go out of fashion

Making business is not easy. Building relationships with clients and closing deals can be a challenge. But interestingly enough, some recent research has reported that there is a way to ease this journey, and it is something human beings have been doing for centuries.

Research on social behavior is supporting the idea that the best deals are made over a meal. If you think about it this is not such a discovery. Sharing the moment of the meal with another individual is what human beings have been doing forever. We like to have this moment of “social gathering” — it’s natural to humans. So it’s not surprising that even when it comes to business, people use meals to build relationships.

Entertaining for business is actually a wonderful and effective practice that has always existed. Senior directors and managers used to spend hours conversing with their clients over lazy lunches. Today the practice is still highly in vogue, but it doesn’t seem to last as long these days!

Although nowadays time is slipping from our hands and we are all time poor, the powerful habit of “dragging” clients to breakfast meetings, dinners and lunches still remains across all cultures and countries. We hoteliers see this every day; the sales department is the classic example. How many coffees, drinks and dinners can you count? Do you get your return on investment?

Creating positive feelings is the key to succeed in building long-lasting relationships with your clients and, eventually, sealing fruitful deals with them. No matter what field you work in, your client needs to get to know you to have a connection with you, so do not underestimate the power of networking and all the tools you can take advantage of to do so. Good food always brings goodwill, and there’s nothing better to “feed” good business!

Will the long hours of lunches and lazy afternoons return, or is life now too fast?