Time for a change

Over the years, I have noticed how restaurants have become more and more important to hotels. Some hotel General Managers even call these spaces “restaurants”—not “F&B outlets.” This signals an increased emphasis on providing quality dining experiences that guests and locals alike can enjoy.

I recently gave a talk at a conference and ran across the following statistics in preparing my presentation. This year, the amount people spend on dining out eclipsed grocery spending.

And so, even with the strong impact of the Food Channel and similar shows on the general public’s interest in preparing food at home, people still enjoy dining out. 

The second chart I examined maps the increase in dollars spent dining out.

Together, these two sets of data should be the wake up call to hotel operators that restaurants are not just places to serve breakfast to hotel guests, but rather are businesses that can and should carry their own profit weight.

I marvel how astounded “old world” industries are by Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and any number of other disruptive technologies which are throwing into chaos old ways of thinking and doing things. Hotel operations have fundamentally functioned in the same manner for ages, and I think they are beginning to show their age. 

In my perspective, you can complain about all the problems your business is facing—but there is always a solution, oftentimes in plain view. In this case, it’s time to embrace hotel restaurants as productive, powerful tools for generating profit and winning customer loyalty. The prize will go to the hotels who do.