Thirsty? Hung over? Jet-lagged? Give this trend a shot

The science is unproven, but those struggling to drink the recommended water intake or those who simply believe vitamins delivered intravenously are better absorbed by the body are now heading to spa-like clinics to get hydrated via IV drips.

Also known as infusions, and known by early takers as elective IV therapy, the trend began in Vegas in 2012 when Dr. Jason Burke, a certified anesthesiologist, launched Hangover Heaven, a medical service in a bus that picks up and treats patients for overdoing alcohol, or experiencing stress or other setbacks in life.

The potion is a standard 2-liter bag of infused electrolytes mixed with a cocktail of vitamins and other antioxidants.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that entrepreneurs are setting up injection businesses and luring customers touting a variety of benefits such as weight loss, hydration, stress relief and energy boosting benefits.

One can expect a treatment to average US$75, although they can go as high as US$230 for two hours of drip. Fatigued athletes, weekend warriors, professionals who travel and celebrities including Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus can be found on social media posting selfies while taking in their customized drips.

With names such as The Hydration Room, IV for Life, Liquifusion, The ReMEDy Room, Reviv Wellness and Brainbooster, locations are rapidly expanding, especially in key markets such as Southern California, Las Vegas, New York and Hong Kong.  Home and party service spinoffs are also occurring, along with name brand gyms leasing space as a convenience for members desiring an infusion after a workout.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas opened REVIV Wellness, staffed with a certified medical team offering five hydrating infusions and four energy and wellness booster shots.

The trend is definitely attracting interest with growth. Do you see this becoming a trend for travelers with hotel spas offering infusion as a treatment or service amenity? Would you or have you experienced a drip?