They call him ‘Roland’

Have you ever met a salesman who was so unique and intriguing that everyone he met immediately adored him?

I had the pleasure of meeting a 6’8″ larger-than-life figure in Vienna by the name of Roland. He is a favorable combination between a colorful cartoon character and a reality television star. He knows everyone in his city and has built tremendous relationships so that favors aren’t inconveniences, but gestures of pleasure for a friend. On a recent site inspection with customers, he nailed every detail. He encouraged participation from his colleagues, and he analyzed the customers’ needs so they would only be seeing places that were of true interest. He slept an average of three hours per night over a four-day period so he could finalize and reconfirm all the details. He entertained late while never looking at his watch. There were no yawns or complaints of being tired.

From our perspective, there was no other place he’d rather be than with us in the moment.

Roland shared stories about his passions with the American clients so they could appreciate and get an understanding of the joys that exist by living in Vienna. When the sun would shine, he would “love” the bright rays. When it would rain, he would “love” the smell of the precipitation. His enthusiasm toward everything was so contagious, we ended up understanding his appreciation and “loving” the same things!

After three days of spending time with Roland, there were no handshakes to say goodbye, but rather huge hugs. 

Are you as a salesperson interesting? Do you exude your passion and commit your time and attention to your customers? What are you doing to become more interesting for the specific clients that you are spending time with?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and to prove Roland’s influence, post a comment if you know this terrific salesman!