The visible GM

From time to time one hears the misconception that luxury hotel general managers are to be found sitting back behind desks, somewhere out of sight, looking at figures. But on the U.S. West Coast recently, this was clearly not the case.

The GM at our very well-known Los Angeles hotel was greeting guests, moving around the hotel and was generally very visible throughout the whole weekend.

Later in the same week, we experienced another example of a general manager’s attention to detail when we learned upon arriving at a hotel that the general manager from the previous day’s stay had phoned his counterpart to let him know we were coming. This level of hands-on engagement enriches the hospitality industry — and our vacation.

Of course, part of the equation is whether a general manager has built a strong management team allowing him or her to be visible and spend time with guests. A visible general manager out among the clientele adds so much to the luxury hospitality experience.

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