The top seven ways to keep your best salespeople

The top seven ways to keep your best salespeople

Last week I had the pleasure of being involved in a discussion organized by HSMAI as part of the HMC Sales and Marketing Executive Roundtable series that involved 17 senior sales leaders from the top domestic management companies. In total, the room represented more than 800 properties. As business is returning in a favorable way, there is a need again to discuss recruiting and retaining salespeople. Below is a summary of the discoveries from the conversation.

Top ways to keep your best salespeople

  1. Show respect (like you would to a customer).
  2. Develop personal relationships and show care for sales managers and their careers.
  3. Establish monthly recognition programs. 
  4. Ensure that veteran salaries are equitable when bringing in new talent at high salary levels, and increase the veterans’ wages are at appropriate levels above newly hired, less experienced talent.
  5. Eliminate obstacles.
  6. Offer flexibility with lifestyle needs and requirements (work at home, job share, et cetera).
  7. Show appreciation to families of sales team members.
Additionally, the discussion led to an evaluation of why hotel salespeople might be leaving their current hotel jobs.

Top reasons hotel sales managers are leaving jobs

  1. Growth opportunities outside current organization (for example, moving from a smaller managed hotel to a larger non-managed hotel in the same city)
  2. Performance evaluations, if sales people aren’t able to keep up with minimum revenue requirements
  3. Client of a salesperson or event management team steals them away from a hotel to work with them
  4. Recent college graduates not liking the hotel business
  5. Chasing the dollar (and higher salaries) in other industries 
  6. Following their leaders (like GMs, DOSMs) that may also leave the organization for new opportunities
Are there any other approaches that have been successful for you in retaining top talent?