The spirit of five rings

“Here today, gone tomorrow” is what keeps most trend reporters in the mode of always reaching out for what’s next. It’s that burning desire of learning what’s on the horizon and staying ahead of the “mainstream,” although it’s true — being in the know before the know actually happens can generate controversy and often spirited conversations thanks to human nature’s tendency to doubt anything too far out in left field or futuristic!

So with that said, I felt the timing was ideal to switch gears and forecast a relatively “safe” trend this week and report on something most will relate to: a moment in time. Taking place every four years, a ripple effect of mini-trends is triggered, and many will be adopted not just by the trend junkies, but the mainstream. The 2012 Summer Olympics soon will be in full gear, and sports are dear to my heart (thanks to a couple of decades spent on tennis courts). The buzz around the world is one of unity. And in many minds, that could actually be a refreshing and long overdue trend on its own!

London earned the great privilege of playing host for the third time in its history, making it the only city ever to host three Olympic Games. (1908 and 1948 were the previous years). In celebration of this coming together for national pride, competition and the thrill of victory, corporations worldwide are taking on their own spirit and mentality of going for the gold!

This week, the Trend Whisperer challenges hotel management all over the world to participate in this timely trend by teaming up and celebrating your own champions at your properties. Charge your staff to think outside the box to show that your property has Olympic spirit! Trust me, there are medalists at your side and under your roof!

A few ideas to work this week’s trend of spreading Olympic Fever to your staff and guests include the following:

  • Allow your staff to wear sneakers.
  • Use office supplies to recreate the Olympic Rings in partitions.
  • Encourage your kitchen to design plates with a touch of gold. 

These won’t require a large staff, multiple meetings, budget approvals or an abundance of time — just a slight nudge from the top encouraging your staff to go for their own medals will take your morale levels to the podium!

I look forward to hearing about some of the spirited creations of your staff. And don’t forget: Everyone’s a winner! Here are a few visuals to get you started: