The ‘seal’ of approval

As hoteliers, we are in the business of delivering unforgettable experiences, service without boundaries and unparalleled stays. We are also in the business of social responsibility. Exceptional experiences are uniquely met by the destination, culture and, of course, guest personas. But how do you weave together such an awe-inspiring experience guests will remember long after their vacation is over?

Sometimes it’s as simple as gaining a “seal” of approval! As I’ve emphasized in past blogs, the island of Lanai’s community is what motivates, drives and inspires both me and our spirited team. This helps us deliver rich programs and initiatives that are in line with our guests’ interests, but also with the bigger picture — social responsibility.

From planting indigenous trees to volunteering at Lanai’s Animal Rescue Center to offering 100% sustainable menus at our restaurants to racing to the finish line in support of cancer research, we make it a point to pay it forward. While Lanai is a luxurious retreat, it is also a destination that encourages guests to get involved and make their mark on the community and island. This is part of the island’s charm and magic.

Our new initiative, the Adopt-a-Monk Seal Hanai program, allows guests to adopt an endangered Hawaiian monk seal known to frequent Lanai’s sandy shores. Four Seasons has partnered with the Monk Seal Foundation to educate, involve and engage with guests to help raise awareness for one of the world’s most endangered mammals. Guests are invited to adopt a seal for US$75, and the funding goes directly back to the foundation to assist with research and protection efforts. In addition to the adoption itself, the resorts have incorporated educational offerings into the Kids For All Seasons program, in-room and conservation messaging, and guest lectures. The program has proven to be successful, and it’s a wonderful example of how two organizations collaborated to enhance the guest experience.   

There are many opportunities out there, no matter your destination or location. The question is, what are you doing to pay it forward and identify opportunities that are important to your community, team and guests? I promise — get involved and pay it forward, and you will get the “seal” of approval!