The punctual Porsche

The punctual Porsche

No matter how early I arrive into our office building or how late I leave, I always see the same Porsche parked in the garage, usually within two to three parking spots of my car. This automobile probably cost about $90K, more than triple the price of my used 2005 Saab. Eight years ago, while working for a different organization in a different building, the same situation occurred with a similar Porsche model (although this one was red). It was always in the parking garage before everyone arrived and was the last to leave.

To date, I have never had the opportunity to meet the owners of these cars but I would certainly want to learn a few things about them: 

– Is it worth it? Do they enjoy working more hours than anyone else?
– Are the privileges of making enough money to afford such a car worth the increased responsibilities and commitment?

The question I would like you to ask yourself:

– Is it worth it? Do you enjoy doing what you are doing?
– Are the privileges, benefits and pay worth your commitment?

Personally, I am fortunate enough to be working for an outstanding organization with an incredible group of people. While I would always like to be making more money, I work hard not for the “Porsche” that I don’t have, but for the love of the job. In that regards, I’m truly wealthy!