The process

My partner and I just completed our book (actually a business strip) on Saturday. We sat across from each other at her dining room table in Marin County as I typed the closing line.

I looked at her and said, “What shall we do to celebrate? Dance? Hike? Have a green drink?” as both of us slid our elbows further down the table with our heads in our hands.

“Holly,” I asked, “Why aren’t we feeling celebratory?” She answered that sometimes the feeling of success comes in quietly. She was right. I also thought that the process of stimulating conversation and collaboration, brainstorming, desiring to get the best of what we know out was so utterly invigorating. Now what was left to talk about was lunch … oh, and then marketing …

What I just related resonates with the truth about our lives. It is the journey that is so fantastic. While the goal was to “finish the damn book,” the goal attained was nowhere near as fulfilling as the climb up that mountain. Our goal was to challenge the status quo of the general business climate today. We wanted to offer leaders, managers and teams a quick, profound and humorous look at ways to improve their profits and happiness for all stakeholders. To do this required us to challenge our creativity, question our past mentors, invent something new and take a new bias on what already exists. It called for us to be brave. 

I realized how much courage it takes to write a book or embark upon any new journey. It’s easy to conceive the idea, but to generate the action and energy is in an entirely other domain. We needed to get past that writing something profound and a conversation that people want to engage in should be left to “those other people,” those authors who have already laid it out. And then you realize how easy it is to reason your power and gifts away. Sound familiar?

I am glad we did not dream and just roll over. I am glad we dreamed and then began the journey.

May your journey be your own.