The power of the red carpet

Red-carpet entrances may be a common method used to greet guests and incorporate event photography at award shows and galas, but now the concept of giving a “celebrity-like” feel to on-site photos via a step-and-repeat wall is the latest marketing trend — especially if the signage system is positioned as a permanent fixture where guests least expect one.

A natural evolution thanks to the smartphone-meets-selfie-meets-social-media era, this trend has produced such a yearning for constant photo documentation, businesses are jumping in on the exposure opportunity in unexpected spaces.

In the past week I have witnessed step-and-repeat photo opps (with red carpets) at The Beverly Hills Hotel, a Vegas casino swimming pool and in the basement of a retail center parking lot (brilliantly positioned adjacent to an elevator bank, giving guests something to do while waiting).

Any time you position a customer, patron, client or guest in front of signage encompassing your logo or emblem multiple times as a repeated pattern on an oversized backdrop, that is a no-brainer win-win thanks to the strong possibility the photo will get uploaded to social media. The value of free publicity will quickly exceed the cost to purchase a step-and-repeat system as well as the red carpet, making it one of the easiest ways to garnish some free publicity while offering guests a dose of subliminal VIP treatment. 

The unique idea takes a commonplace event prop to a whole new level. Some entities are even taking the traditional banner system and applying logos onto innovative backdrops to project a 3-D backdrop. Either option is effective and will produce the same effect for a lasting and innovative form of marketing.