The power of in-person

I read an article recently that said the human brain is adapting to Twitter and online reading habits (well, scrolling-headline habits), and the way we process sentences is now changing. Apparently these days our brain is less able to comprehend complex sentence structures. I’m not going to debate whether this is a bad thing, but it does make you consider whether everything we do online is better than the “old-school” ways of doing things. 

In one respect, I think face-to-face meetings are “classic” in that they have staying power. Sure, there are new technologies that allow us to talk through video — FaceTime, Google Hangouts and video conferencing are all great ways to see who you’re speaking with, but I’d suggest meeting someone in person still has the edge — especially when it comes to business relationships.

We recently decided to relocate our marketing and sales leadership and field support team from Hawaii to Los Angeles, to be in market with our many customers in California as well as closer to those on the U.S. mainland. We’re also exploring new models for selling our resort online in new and very different markets such as China, Korea and Japan. Key, however, to this new structure is the idea that spending quality time in person with clients is a driver for success not only in building business but also building relationships — the start of building your business. 

The teams are just settling into their new offices but are looking forward to interacting with their clients in person. Which reminds me, I have someone walking in my office — time to get off that computer.