The passion continues

When I see my colleague David Wood, the first thing I do is ask about his children, especially his basketball-loving son who has serious skills and now plays for the high school team. Wow! I remember when his twins were born (just before I first became a dad) and now they are in high school. Yikes! How time flies and now I look forward to hearing about proms, college and our children taking over the world.

But David and I have a long way to go in our careers and many goals to conquer, and now we are going to be working even closer together as last week he was named publisher of HOTELS, succeeding Dan Hogan, who David and I teamed-up with for more than 20 years in what has always been a great business partnership, not to mention friendship.

Dan has decided to take his career in another direction and we can all take comfort that it is David who is stepping into Dan’s considerably big shoes – I know I am. Our European sales team led by Caroline and Bridgette DeDonnea, who have also been part of our family for more than 25 years, remains in place, as well, because we all love what we do, have passion for the hotel business, and only plan to grow the HOTELS brand in the months and years ahead.

I know many of you already know affable David, who plays a mean guitar by the way, and for those of you who don’t know him, I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a great family man, a high-energy collaborator and a friend who is stepping up for his family at home and here at HOTELS. I encourage you to introduce yourself to David at, and I am happy to help make introductions.