The one thing

Newspapers, television and social media have been reflecting on 2012 for the past three weeks. A glance through USA Today summarizes the passing of famous celebrities and entertainers. It reveals greatest sports moments for the year as well as major business achievements.

What is the “one thing” that you would like to remember about this past year? Was it accomplishing your goal of responding to all emails within 20 seconds, leaving you prisoner to your smartphone for 24 hours a day?

Were you most proud of how you worked every weekend since January to stay ahead of the competition, even though it meant missing the majority of your kid’s soccer games?

When it is all said and done, you’ve gone to sleep and woke up 365 times in 2012. What is the “one thing” that makes you the most proud? Perhaps having difficulty identifying what this single task is should give you pause for additional reflection for 2013. Now is your chance to start new and fresh, before you choose to make a decision that may not make you proud. If you want to become healthier in the New Year, now is the time to decide and commit before you eat another cupcake or miss another morning walk. 

January 1st brings many new opportunities with even greater hope of happiness. I wish you a very happy celebration of the New Year and success as you endeavor to find the “one thing” that will bring you joy in 2013!