The one and only Mary G.

If you don’t know Mary Gostelow, you should. She is the hotel industry’s gadfly and has been so for years, writing a dense, yellow newsletter only mailed to subscribers and always chockablock full of information, insight and always a bit of bawdiness that causes hoteliers to love her and some fear her all at the same time.

Mary travels constantly, meeting hoteliers, attending industry events and commenting on the latest and greatest trends she sees in operations, development, people and F&B. Mary has also been writing a column for HOTELS Magazine for several years – so many I’ve lost track.

Because of some new editorial directions planned for HOTELS in print, we are moving Mary’s column to the web starting today. She is now sending us a weekly correspondence, which might be an interview with an industry mover, or a trendspotting report. Mary has seen it all and can cut through the clutter to bring readers what is truly new and noteworthy.

So, please, check out Mary’s first entry here in our daily newsletter and keep an eye out for her weekly entries here at