The No. 1 rule for success in hotel sales

The No. 1 rule for success in hotel sales

I had an interview recently with an incredible gentleman who shared his philosophy on why he has been so successful in sales for the past 10 years. His answer was simple and direct: Respect the lead.


His further explanation made perfect sense to me. Each lead represents a potential customer and should be given adequate attention and effort, regardless of how the business potential may initially appear. Each lead represents a customer who has a specific need, and they have taken the time to communicate their requirements to your hotel. 

Upon first glance, some leads may not appear to be a perfect fit for your property, but when you respect the lead, you will take the time to fully understand the desires of the customer. By asking questions and suggesting give-and-take tactics as part of a partnership, most leads can turn into actual revenue. The best salespeople will not treat each lead like another transaction and move quickly to remove it from their inbox.

Respect the lead, and watch your production soar!