‘The Next Great Hotelier’

Would you watch this reality show?

I know I definitely would. Hotels are finally starting to break into the reality craze with shows such as “Hotel Impossible” and “Hotel Hell,” which my fellow HOTELS bloggers have discussed. But I think there’s more to capitalize on. Much like the culinary world does with countless shows such as “Chopped” or “Top Chef.” These shows find talent and exploit it to the benefit of all parties involved. The contestants further their career, the networks garner great ratings and the judges often end up hiring the talent they critique. It’s really genius.

I know the hotel industry can really benefit from this. It would educate the public on the intricacies of the hotel business (that’s my hope as an ops person), and it would be an hour-long promotion for the travel industry. Seriously, who’s not hungry after watching an episode of “Top Chef”? And who knows, maybe the next Ellsworth Statler or J.W. Marriott is waiting to be discovered.

What would you like to see the show encompass? How would you find the best contestants? What projects or challenges should they perform? Who would judge? The possibilities are endless!