The next-generation hotel CEO

A myriad of hotel companies have recently had leadership changes. More CEO succession has happened in the last two years than in the previous decade. Why so much change? The reasons probably include planned succession, the financial crisis, executive burnout and the proverbial blame game.

So, what would you like to ask these new leaders? Here are my questions:

  • Denis Hennequin: Can he move a behemoth like Accor, and will his McDonald’s experience help or hurt him?
  • Monty Bennett: Has he finally stepped out of the shadow of his “larger than life” father at Ashford/Remington?
  • Abid Butt: Can he lead Banyan Tree to global prominence in the spa/resort space?
  • Gary Loveman: Has the Harvard experiment at Caesars Entertainment been considered a failure?
  • Hubert Joly: Will a non-family member make it at family-run Carlson?
  • Steve Joyce: How is the melding of his Marriott tenure working at Choice?
  • Ken Greene: Can Delta come out of the shadow of other Canadian companies (Four Seasons and Fairmont) under his leadership?
  • Jamie Sabatier: Will Destination be a deal company or a management company on his watch?
  • Katie Taylor: Is Four Seasons finally her ship, or is Captain Sharpe still at the helm?
  • Steve Goldman: Will he return to the United States a hero or a goat with a transaction of Louvre?
  • Chris Nassetta: Is he recovering from the Starwood fiasco and moving Hilton in the right direction?
  • Mark Hoplamazian: Can he keep the mojo of the Hyatt IPO going?
  • Richard Solomons: Will he get IHG on a consistent, coherent course?
  • Michael Barnello: Will he continue JLL’s consistent run of hitting Wall Street targets?
  • Paul Whetsell: Will he turn Loews Hotels into a real growth company?
  • Arne Sorenson: Can he really fill Bill Marriott’s shoes?
  • Jim Murren: Can MGM survive the toughest financial turnaround in the industry?
  • Michael Gross: What is Morgans becoming?
  • Phil Mengel: Will a board member become the CEO at OEH? A hotelier? A luxury brands executive?
  • Herve Humler: Will Marriott give him enough autonomy to create a more competitive Ritz-Carlton?
  • Radha Arora: Is he really running Rosewood?
  • Bill Walshe: Can he follow a founder at Viceroy and take it to another level?

I am sure you can come up with a few more. Leave your questions as comments, and let us see what our leaders have to say.