The next BIG thing

With the economy in major “wake-up mode,” have you noticed super-sized products appearing where you least expect them? A trend that originated in the fashion industry with oversized statement pieces (think watches, sunglasses, women’s handbags and, yes, sky-scraper heels), a fascination with super-sized anything is hitting many sectors. 

One place this is obvious is in the fast-food industry, and even bakeries are inflating portions on some of their most popular items. Retro favorites such as the Ding Dong, Twinkie and even Oreo Cookies are being magnified into overwhelming sizes in bakeries.

Recently I’ve noticed some blatant examples from the residential and commercial design world with their own take on the “bigger is better” phenomenon. Super-sized lighting such as extra-large floor lamp or mega-suspension light fixtures are earning popularity points, especially when used as a wow-factor piece in spacious rooms or venues.

There is even some buzz in the trend capsule about epic-sized sofas picking up where the long community table trend left off to promote “cozy and comfy.”

For bathrooms, oversized washbasins are starting to show up in unexpected, almost humorous shapes such as a giant coffee mug sink!

Another example of this trend waking up something we haven’t seen for a while are “hanging plants” that appear to be inching their way back into residential and commercial spaces via outrageously oversized baskets, which could very well be a one-off from the super-sized growth spurt in the pottery world, whether you’re using them indoors or out.

Technology is also experiencing a size change after manufacturers strived for years to make the phones and screens as small as possible. Smartphones seemingly have shifted focus with the Galaxy Fonblet sporting a 5.8-in (14.7-cm) screen and Samsung’s Galaxy Note offering a 6.4 in (16.3-cm) display. 

Isn’t the timing ironic with the smartphone growth spurt occurring at the same time tablets are shrinking (e.g., the iPad mini)?

My question now is how big is too big? In the pottery category, I would have to hope the trend has peaked — if for any reason, water preservation! However, in the smartphone category, I would venture to say at this rate, there could very well be a need for a fashion designer to respond to the trend with a pants collection boasting oversized pockets!

Now it’s your turn. Have you been caught off-guard by something bigger than expected?