The new room attitude

As hospitality embraces many big changes, guest rooms are taking on an entirely new attitude and pushing many standards that have been lingering in rooms for decades. Traditional desks, carpeting and telephones made available upon requests have dominated my psyche and conversations the past couple of weeks.

Let’s take a look at a few of the in-room changes occurring.

Lighting: Although room lighting has been an ongoing topic, lighting designers are being summoned to the guest room to incorporate strategic placement. Staging a moody ambiance is shifting from the lobby and upstairs to the rooms, especially in the luxury segment.

Controls: Controlling lighting, temperature and entertainment via the guest’s smartphone will be prominent and popular, especially with easy-to-use, minimal-click apps.

Amenities: Hotels are mixing and matching bathroom amenity brands just as guests do at home. A hair care brand for shampoo and condition, a reputable brand for lotion, shower gel and soap.

Coffee: Guests are seeing the in-room coffee amenity expanded into a real coffeehouse experience by being offered a variety of roast colors with assorted liquid creamers and flavors.

Furnishings: Hotels are diversifying the room furnishings, colors and materials by incorporating a mix and match philosophy including the use of unique wall art. It’s OK if each guest room takes on its own personality by incorporating a couple of different focal points or pieces.

Details: Rooms are refocusing on the small yet memorable touches. Incorporate a cozy throw, a reworked bathrobe, socks vs. slippers, an artistic vase floral or plant display.

The underlying message is to personalize, localize and sell an experience guests will want to relive. Whether it’s adding a “mix” to your furnishings or incorporating small touches, its important to emphasize that careful thought was invested into the room.