The joy of the picnic

Summer is a popular time for picnics, a long-standing British tradition that does not require a special occasion, but rather becomes an occasion in itself.

The concept of the picnic started out of necessity, in medieval times, as hunters would take food with them for outdoor feasts whilst they hunted. This outdoor gathering with food and wine soon became part of an enjoyable and social tradition.

A British picnic today has evolved from the Victorian garden parties, which brought a sense of refinement and creativity to the common feast. Food was carefully prepared and thought out, blankets were brought for the ladies to sit on, and silverware and napkins were used.

America has also been known to embrace the picnic. Whether on national holidays or weekends, families and friends can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a park with all their favorite homemade treats.

One of the wonderful things about picnics is that even though they evoke that quintessential British charm, they are accessible for all to enjoy, and this year the picnic is very much back on trend. The luxury hotel market is also catering to this rediscovered movement, and picnics can be provided to guests to take with them on their excursions in the capital or countryside. Butler service can also be provided, so you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon with light finger sandwiches, miniature treats and Victoria sponge, all knowing that everything is in hand.

Homemade lemonade, strawberries and cream, a good bottle of wine and your favorite cheese — these are just some of the popular picnic choices. What would you want in your picnic?

When did you last picnic?