The importance of follow-up

The importance of follow-up

As sales professionals we’ve always heard from our leaders the importance of abiding by basic sales principals. One of these key elements is ensuring proper follow-up. 

I had been doing research on obtaining an Infiniti G37 for about three months. After looking into prices, options and availability, I finally found a vehicle close to our home. It was not my first choice for color preference, but I thought that if all else was equal and it was being offered at a fair price, that I would settle and purchase it from this dealership.

We went to test-drive the vehicle, and as the salesman already felt he had the sale in the bag, he didn’t really offer us any incremental service. All of our previous communication had occurred via email, and there was no effort to try to get to know me. “Why was I looking for a new car?” “What about the color combination was important to me?” NOTHING.

Even though the dealership was not busy, he seemed interested in getting back to his newspaper. 

A second dealership did not have the correct color combination either, but a salesman I had spoken to there continued to follow up just to see if anything with regard to my preferences had changed. He got to know me and what was important. Finally, last Thursday, he sent me a message informing me that my desired color combination had indeed arrived, and he would hold it for me ? and offer me a price slightly better than the other dealership.

When I arrived at the second dealership, the general manager introduced himself. The salesman was kind, sincere and gracious. The finance person, while completing the paperwork, continued to build rapport even though the sale was essentially done. The GM even sent me a text photo of my new car while I was finishing up the process.

Lesson learned: Don’t assume a sale is ever final until it is final. I am now enjoying my new vehicle and would recommend Passport Infiniti to anyone living in the Washington, D.C., area.  

Greg and Steve, thank you for restoring my faith in sales and service.