The human touch

The human touch

A common misconception is that you need a super-celebrity in your kitchen to have a personality-driven restaurant. In my opinion, there are other, more “high-touch” ways to make a big impact without the big price tag of a celebrity chef. With a little creativity — and by identifying who in your organization has not only personality but talent, too — there is an opportunity to create a more meaningful and organic connection to your guests and personality for your establishment.
During a recent hotel stay, I noticed a unique amenity in my room: a small jar of house-made spice preserve. 

What I liked most about it was that the label was genuine. It wasn’t a high-designed piece of marketing collateral, so you knew it was coming from someone (in this case, Peggy, the hotel’s pastry chef). It was authentic and seemed to come from the heart, not a slick marketing machine. It made me wonder who Peggy was and what else she makes. Consequently, I had dinner in her restaurant that night and tried some of her great desserts.

I also see Fairmont hotels market their honey in this way. Many of their properties in North America have their own beehives on-site, and they make jars of honey for guests to purchase or use as amenities. Guests can even take a tour of the herb gardens and beehives with the resident beekeeper and director of housekeeping if they choose. 

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to add a bit of human touch and personality to your hotel or restaurant. What can you add to your programming that will make your destination unique, human and nurturing to a traveler’s spirit?