The good, the bad and the funky of hotel management company blogs

The good, the bad and the funky of hotel management company blogs

While Facebook and Twitter are becoming norms, I thought it would be interesting to see which hotel management companies are taking the extra step to blog to connect with their customers. Here are some notes: is a fantastic initiative by Traders Hotels, Shangri-La’s hotel brand for value-conscious travelers. The blog offers tips and insights across topics in travel, work, innovation and technology. With a clear layout, attractive color scheme (quite Monacle-like) and posts that aren’t blatant self-promotions, it’s one of the only blogs by a hotel management company I’m happy to subscribe to.

Standard Hotels uses a lot of visual and musical media on its site to communicate to a niche market of hip travelers who like a bit of funk and a lot of personality in the hotels they choose. In addition to featuring group-specific updates on events, a Community tab encourages guests to share “their life at The Standard Hotels” through personal photos. It’s a hunch, but I’m almost certain most photos are taken with iPhones and Instagram. While I wouldn’t subscribe to the site, I’d certainly revisit the Community page to see what guests are sharing and might visit the Shop page if looking for a unique travel gift for a friend.

Morgans Hotel Group started microblogging through a year ago and uses the blog to communicate through photos that are more eye candy than anything else. Though it may visually appeal to its community of movers and shakers, its lack of any real content makes me wonder if it has many subscribers.  
Swire Hotels, while new, has delivered a series of great design hotels in Hong Kong and China under the House and East brands, and now in the U.K. under the Chapter House brand. While its recently launched blog has some good content, it’s still early days to tell if I like it or not — then again, it might just be the white text on black background, which is just hard on my eyes.

There isn’t much on Hyatt’s blog other than Hyatt news and promotions. While it provides an avenue for visitors to contribute to the blog, a list of 11 guidelines and a terms and conditions agreement is probably one of the least friendly ways to encourage participation.

What are your opinions about hotel management company blogs?