The glitz and glam of Dubai

Dubai: As soon as you step into the city, the first word that comes to your mind is “glitzy.” Everything is majestic — even the police show off the latest luxury vehicle!

Yes, if you go to Dubai, you have to turn the concepts of luxury and ostentation into lifestyle.

The Dubai that people from all over the world come to experience is this, the home of the ultimate opulence, where multimillion-dollar projects are going on everyday, where men and women wear the latest high-end fashion clothes and dine in the finest of restaurants. Thousands of tourists every year pick as a holiday destination this “glitzy-glam heaven” to see the famous lure of the city. How did his originally tiny deserted shred of land in the Persian Gulf managed to transform itself into a luxurious, cosmopolitan and top business hub? The feeling you have in Dubai is of attending a never-ending race to be the biggest, the newest and the best. Over the years the city has dashed in economic growth and development, and today it proudly boasts one of the highest standards of living and is aiming to become the leading international tourist destination.

The question is, is all this over-the-top ostentation needed? Certainly you cannot say this oasis in the desert is not nice for the eyes, but can you say that too much is maybe not always better? I travel to Dubai every year on business, and every time I am there I feel this sense of exaggeration growing stronger. From a touristic point of view, it is fair to say Dubai has indeed succeeded. If 15 years ago you asked someone where the Emirates were, a big percentage of people would have most likely replied they didn’t know. Everything has changed quickly, and today Dubai is one of the top visited cities in the world, with tourism being one of the crucial sources that helps maintain the economic growth thanks to a government that supports this development, providing infrastructures, promoting the Emirates overseas and easing the transit of visitors. The hospitality industry flourishes, boasting 599 current hotels and more on the go. The standard is well renowned — stylish accommodations for the finest of the guests — although recently the industry has started embracing a diversified frame of mind, providing budget hotels to appeal to a wider tourist base.

Is there anything more behind the glittering appearance of Dubai? The truth is that if you look beyond, you will discover that indeed its reality carries a whole history embedded in culture and traditions. It’s a fascinating world to discover that maybe has been too much hidden by all this opulence.