The future of connection

The future of connection

I think our industry plays it very safe. Someone decides to take a bedspread off the bed and we all “ooh and ahh,” and about 15 years into the idea, there are only about 20 bedspreads left.  

Let’s zoom 50 years into the future to look at our industry. What will the hotel of the future hotel look like? Play along with me here. There’s a point in here somewhere.


People may get their sleep out of 30-minute meditations or from popping a new vitamin. Beds may become obsolete as we find sleeping in air hammocks produces theta brain waves. Besides, robots don’t even need to meditate.  


The trajectory of technology as we know it will change course. Telepathy might take its place. I remember reading once about aboriginal tribes that would roam the outback and without any visible sign of moisture anywhere, they could intuit where there was water 10 feet below. Were they natural dowsers? Are we going to be gaining such access that we are returning full circle to survival skills gone by? 


We might need to create spaces where we slather the food on us. Elixirs of youth will replace crafted cocktails, and we may find that alcohol actually increases one’s ability to concentrate and focus. Marijuana may become a condiment. 

Communal spaces  

Lobbies will be set up with individual pods. Guests may be floating in separate ether chambers and able to will their vibrations into the ether to make their own music. Mind movies will dance on your contact lenses. You will be comfortably alone.

Then, one day, while at home, a bird of paradise may fly past your window and drop something at first unrecognizable to you. It lands on the ledge. You pick it up, and it looks familiar. Then you remember. Aha! An envelope! You open it up and there is a note in historical ink from the last hotel you visited. They wanted to acknowledge you for your business, and thank you from their heart for your grace and kindness. The emotion touches you deeply, and you cry as you recall the power of connection. 

Emotion will not be transmuted, transformed or made extinct. It’s the one thing you can rely on. The “Spock” trait of no emotion did not survive in Darwin’s world.  

So what are you inventing for the future to make powerful connections with all constituents? Emotions are at the source of all of our behaviors — always will be. Whether you have he-motions or she-motions, we will always be looking for ways to be touched, moved and connected.