The elevator speech

It occurred to us as we travel around that many service personnel cannot possibly be as weak as they sometimes seem. Perhaps there is a need for training, behind-the-scenes issues or insufficient leadership in the organization.

Whilst these may be facts — amongst no doubt other issues — service is not rocket science, and you should not have to go on a long course to get the basics correct. At the end of the day the basics are a desire to serve, attitude, polite and enthusiastic interface and determination to satisfy the customer.

In reality, how many of us include an elevator speech in our induction at the grass-roots level? We are referring to a five-minute informal delivery that grabs attention, sets the scene and makes it clear what is expected from the team member. If the big boss or owner — or both — can deliver the elevator speech then so much the better and the more effective. We have always believed in this process, and it is the fastest way of setting standards and communicating — on day one — what is expected. The narrative is worth spending time on and the delivery regularly practiced. 

Do you have an elevator speech, and how good is it?