The Chamber is now in session

In business school, or hotel school for that matter, we learned the basic “ABCs” of business, including entrepreneurship. This was an interesting topic at the time, and it always stayed with me. Run the business as your own. Play a role in your community and work with your fellow entrepreneurs to be successful. The reality is entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, merchants — they all play a pivotal role in our day-to-day business operations, especially as hoteliers.  

Whether located in an urban or rural location, there is a whole other world outside our hotel doors. Tourism operators, musicians, boutique owners, artists, restaurateurs and even grocers all help anchor our destination — just steps away from our corporate business. Without these entrepreneurs and businesses offering added value to our guests, our hotels would not have the rich diversity and culture that attracts visitors to not just our property, but also our immediate city, borough or island destination.

As a general manager and mentor to my team, I have fully embraced this idea of supporting opportunities and business in my community, so much so that I am a proud board member of the Lana’i Chamber of Commerce. Not only am I surrounded by like-minded business owners that want the best for the island, businesses and community, but they all are incredibly business-savvy and bring unique wisdom and diversity to the island’s economy. The Lana’i Chamber of Commerce, for example, is committed to fostering education, contact relations and resources to boost existing businesses and inspire new ventures on the island. Organizations like these are the advocates of small businesses, which are an integral part of the economic structure of the destination. 

It’s important to get involved, stay connected and lend a hand or mentorship where possible. Step outside your hotel doors and into the Chamber. Join the conversation with your local business community. I promise, they will appreciate your voice and your support.