The battle of the burger

In the ever-competitive world of finding the perfect burger, I came across a gem recently in Las Vegas: the Kalbi Burger. 

It’s from a small restaurant called Bachi Burger. There’s a lot of good about what these guys are doing.

First, there’s a story. Bachi is short for Hibachi, which refers to the Japanese style of grilling. It is also a Japanese word that means to treat others as you would like to be treated in return.

The company is very environmentally friendly and hugely supportive of its community. For example, all of the oil used is recycled as a renewable energy source.

Most importantly, Bachi’s burgers, all of which have an Asian kick to them, are simply delicious. The Kalbi Burger features Angus beef, Kalbi marinade, housemade kimchee and ko chu jang mayo.