The appreciation advantage

The appreciation advantage

Over the holiday break, I heard from a mom that her 9-month-old baby’s favorite gift was the wrapping paper that covered the presents. If only she had known, she could’ve saved herself much effort and money.

Last year, our team had the pleasure to plan several customer events. One of our largest was a sponsored golf tournament with essentially a day of culinary gluttony. We had 50 of our top clients combined with our hotel partners. When the event concluded, the bill approached a sizeable amount of money. Four months later, no one on our team has received a “thank you” via email, phone call or letter.

Last week, we coordinated a small event for 12 of our top customers where the cost was 1/10th what it was for the tournament. The next day, we received an email from the owner of the establishment thanking us for the business and asking for any feedback to improve. It was a simple gesture that took a matter of seconds, but a gracious gesture nonetheless. We will be a repeat customer of his.

From all of the great gifts you received over the holidays, do the “givers” know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness? Do your customers know how much you appreciate their loyalty, and do you show it throughout the year? If you take the time to say “thank you” and your competition doesn’t, who wins?