Tech wars

Tech wars

Designing the hotel room of the future is something, it seems, all good interior designers must do at least once in their careers, and of course I have taken a turn in contributing my vision of what guests might enjoy in the years to come.

My futuristic room concept, called “Organic Trace,” addresses the yin-and-yang balance of travelers who mix their work with pleasure. It is a stylish, sensual solution to the nomadic professional’s need to blend high-tech flexibility with personal wellness, integrating a bed, desk and soaking tub into one organically shaped unit. This “hypermodern” sinuous sculpture melts two comfort zones into one. The plush bed and hot tub create a hybrid of health and relaxation that is bridged by an arc, which forms the desk. 

As business executives are as likely to be women as they are men, a hotel room, I feel, must balance its “masculine” high-tech appeal with a “feminine” atmosphere of well-being and rejuvenation.

Apparently I was wrong!

Together with Microsoft, Novotel has now presented a version of the hotel room of the future, and given the fact that they have spent the last three years “reinventing” room design, I guess they must know what they are talking about. Named “Room 3120,” it can already be visited at the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse in Paris.

According to Novotel, technology rules. The furniture doubles as interactive multimedia stations, and the beds fold into the walls. Lounge seating has been replaced with beanbag chairs for use when playing with the room’s Xbox 360. Also, a bench/table unit incorporates a touch-control screen displaying games and movies, and an interactive mirror doubles as a video screen to show the latest news, weather and multimedia content. The entire room can be controlled with body gestures and voice commands, and even access to the Internet comes with the wave of a hand.

It must be a dream room for male college students, but I doubt female business travelers would embrace this concept. Then again, I’m a man. 

So, ladies, what do you think?