Tech check

With the current building and renovation boom, schedules are busier than ever. Staying on top of the rapidly changing tech trends to ensure you are meeting guest expectations requires constant research, which equates to the need for even more time. This is the main reason I decided to conduct some general online research and devote this week’s post to the most popular tech trends in hospitality today.

Here are my top 12 tips:

1. Have a mobile-friendly and fast website that encourages direct bookings.

2. Use video in your marketing.

3. Create a page on Google+.

4. Offer free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

5. Make your property services (room service, housekeeping, valet, etc.) available online for guests.

6. Add convenient plug-ins throughout the guestrooms and bandwidth capabilities. 

7. Replace oversized in-room desks and incorporate ergonomically correct furniture so guests can work comfortably and anywhere within the room.

8. Have iPads, iPods and e-readers (pre-loaded with books and magazines) available to loan.

9. Create lobby media pods so guests can work together or conduct private meetings.

10. Have chargers and power adaptors available for computers, notebooks and phones as well as keyboards from multiple countries.

11. Replace printed signage and information boards with digital.

12. Increase your social media presence.

What tech tip have you found to be your best investment? And in terms of social media, is there a specific site or platform that has generated excellent reviews and engagement with your guests that you would like to share?