Teamwork and ‘300’

Teamwork and ‘300’

Have you ever watched a movie more than once and realized some incredible messages that you may have missed the first time viewing it? This happened to me this past weekend while on a treadmill. While others were enjoying Easter brunch, I was burning calories in preparation for our Easter dinner!

The premise of the movie is that the Spartan King Leonidas sets into battle with his 300 top warriors against Xerxes and his million-man army. In this clip, Leonidas states, “We fight as single unit – that is the source of our strength. Each protects the man to his left, thigh to neck. A single weak point, and the failings shatter.”

How often have others on your team stepped up to assist each other?  

I remember a situation in my first hotel as a trainee when no one would volunteer to complete a site inspection for a walk-in wedding guest when the social salesperson was out on sales calls. They were worried that it would take too much time out of their day and they would have to “chit chat” and “build relationships” without receiving credit.  

Are you, as a team leader, setting examples for teamwork? Are you volunteering to stay late on the day before a holiday and allowing your salespeople to celebrate early?  
Please share examples of things you’ve done to encourage teamwork.