Tap is the new terrific

With the plastic bottle hazard triggering a massive shift, the race is on for the next drinking vessel as well as the next water trend. Several years ago designer waters became as well known for their containers as they did for their water. And with the flavored and enhanced water trend (throw in energy drinks as well) being touted as yesterday’s news,  trend hunters are tapping into the idea of going back to the basics.

Beverage developers have invested countless hours attempting to innovate the next big hit to push plastic bottles into a historic state. You name it, it’s been designed and launched: water-saving bottles, body-monitoring sippers, plastic bottle alternatives of every imaginable material, petite and biodegradable water filters, eco-friendly bottles, hydrator bottles, collapsible carafes, portable water pouches, heavy-duty vessels and even epic sci-fi water containers! Ranging from eco-minded to geeky or architectural, the design rooms have been burning the midnight oil hoping for that next big thing!

Here’s what we know. Water containers are a staple of living a healthy life; the more the merrier in the health department, and it appears as though we’re headed back to the basics of keeping oneself adequately hydrated via glass bottles and drinking glasses. Yes, there are several eco-friendly tumbler containers that are attractive yet expensive, but it’s the simple glass bottle that is gaining momentum along with the paper bottles made from renewable and recyclable resources that are appealing today to the planet-protecting water drinkers.

Drinking from the tap (filtered, of course!) is also becoming a favorable trend. Some companies are launching campaigns appealing to those of a “thrifty nature” while presenting the perks of a healthier and plastic-free planet. Faucet Face is one of these companies attempting to reduce plastic waste by selling reusable glass bottles and playfully labeling them with “Hose Water,” “Tap is Terrific” or “Hummingbird Water”!

I especially love two brilliant innovations. First, stepping foot into the Molecule Cafe expecting a simple coffee and bagel won’t happen because water (the purest of its kind) is the only item on the menu! This water café uses a filtered tap water free of fluoride, chlorine and other metals and ensured by a machine costing US$25,000 to treat the water via reverse osmosis, ultraviolet rays and ozone treatments. At US$2.50 for a quick gulp, the water can also be sold in gallons for use at home, and customers can order H20 cocktails that contain optional vitamin supplements to improve certain aspects of your health. (Think stronger bones or better night vision!) 

Second, several million people are expected to attend the Milan 2015 Expo, but the majority will not be toting plastic water bottles. Aiming to cut down on plastic waste, Andrea Ponti created “the Life,” a recycled paper water bottle formed with natural cotton and a recycled paper layer printed and sealed with non-toxic inks and adhesives. Each has a carrying cord, and water fountains will be placed in strategic locations around Milan, allowing people to fill up throughout the day!

I’d like to hear from you as to which of these innovations gave you one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments!