Take pictures, not notes

I am writing this message from London as I await my departure to the airport after five days in this magnificent city. It is one of those times that the only reason I want to leave is to see my family — otherwise I’d be happy to stay here for a month (or 12).

I met an artist who works at the hotel who also writes poetry, is creating a screenplay and sets a forum for other artists to share their work.

I learned about haggis and the traditions of her hometown from a Scottish gal.

I had coffee with a lady who starts a new job on Monday who moved internationally to experience “service” outside of the States.

I tasted food I could not pronounce and sipped beverages I could never obtain or replicate again.

While all these experiences were unique to my environment, I also learned more about my domestic colleagues and clients than I ever thought possible. We shared all of these things together and will now have another bond that can never be erased or duplicated by the competition.

I learned about Napa and growing olive trees, about the entertainment world with its benefits and challenges, about technology companies and “start-up” perspectives, about being married to a firefighter in Chicago, about boating on the Occoquan, about being proposed to in Las Vegas by your partner only to return the favor by proposing back a few weeks later, about surviving an earthquake in Northridge, about moving from Ireland to London for the experience, about moving to Hoboken out of Manhattan for the love of your life, about creating a brand and about living life.

While this messaging is not meant to be about me, please think about the joys of travel and the amount of people you can positively impact daily in our industry. When you get the chance, go and explore. Don’t settle for in-room dining when you can sample local cuisine. Extend your trip by a day or two to see, experience and taste your destination.

MPD: Live your life!