Table for one

It’s always good to sit back for a minute and observe: Who are your guests, how long are they staying, who are they traveling with on their journey?

Lanai is often thought of as romantic escape for couples and newlyweds wanting to get away to a fantastic retreat – which it is!  But one travel trend we are noticing is the increase of solo travelers to our little slice of paradise.  

Industry trend trackers note that solo travel seems to be on the rise – whether a time for self-reflection, an ability to travel on one’s own timeline or simply a reward to one’s self. There are no noises, filters or distractions from the experience at hand. While not intuitively a solo destination, a secluded island such as Lanai, where guests almost step back in time to a simpler pace of life, does hold a certain appeal for many as it invites contemplation and reflection while still allowing for nurturing and indulgence in a beautiful environment.

For hoteliers, this trend simply means looking around with a fresh pair of eyes. Are there places where guests can relax comfortably to read or just be? Are there public places that might invite conversation with others if desired, community focal points to start up conversations or activities that might be done alone or with a group to join in?

Our weekly manager’s cocktail events are a great way to connect with guests, but they also give our solo travelers an opportunity to comfortably mingle with others and perhaps pick up some travel tips at the same time! We just need to be flexible enough to adapt to our clients whichever way they choose to travel.  

As Henry David Thoreau said, “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.”